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Meet Your Vision Team

  • Miranda Hofacre, OD

    "I chose my field because of my own personal experiences visiting the optometrist as a teenager. I had trouble in school until my eye doctor turned that around. With my new glasses, I could see everything, and my grades immediately skyrocketed. When I graduated to contacts, my optometrist changed my life. He was always helping me make my life easier and my vision clearer."
  • Katherine Ha, OD

    "I decided to become an optometrist because one of my most vivid memories as a child is getting my first pair of glasses and being awed at seeing individual leaves on trees on the drive back home. Likewise, I want to give my patients that same great experience by helping them achieve clear and comfortable vision. I aim to treat my patients as if they're family, providing the best standard of care with compassion and respect."
  • Jennifer Huang, OD

    "My goal as an optometrist is to help my patients obtain the best vision possible that suits their visual demands for work, school, fun and everyday life. I work to understand the individual needs of each patient and to prevent vision loss by detecting eye diseases with a thorough examination."
  • Anne Nguyen, OD

    "Dr. Nguyen likes to promotes good eye health by making sure patients are educated about the latest advances in optometry. For example, advances in contact lenses, new equipment for more thorough ocular health examinations and refractive surgery options are all great to know about as it could potentially improve a patients quality of life."
  • Kelsey Nguyen, OD

    "Nothing is more rewarding than being able to improve one’s quality of life through sight. I enjoy helping children improve their academic performance, simply by improving their vision; or by examining the retina to evaluate patients' systemic health to they can live a healthier life. I love to share my optometric knowledge with my patients so they can be well-informed on how to care for their eyes."
  • Barbara Park, OD